The Kauai Writers Conference ( offers amazing resources for writers throughout the year. I’m listening to the Zoom recording with author Sam Horn ( as she gives attendees tips on how to make the most of the conference. As I listen to her, I’m drafting a one-pager about my novel, Spirit River, to share with folks I meet. It’s one of her many great ideas and an easy way to get the word out about my manuscript. So far, the bullet points I’m including on my draft one-pager include Title, snapshot, genre, where my book would be on the shelf, comparable books, the novel’s twist, reader testimonials, my credentials, and contact information. Since I’m seeking an agent, I don’t have a book cover. Horn suggests designing one yourself, making your work that much more complete for you (psychologically speaking) and for those hearing about your book for the first time. I’m still pondering that one. We’ll see!